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What we thought we knew - by Claire Dyer
The Adjustments, by Claire Dyer


Claire Dyer

I like love stories and cheese and my publications include ‘What We Thought We Knew, ‘The Significant Others of Odie May’, ‘The Last Day’, ‘The Perfect Affair’, ‘Falling for Gatsby’ and ‘The Moment’ (fiction). My poetry collections, ‘The Adjustments’, ;’Interference Effects’, ‘Eleven Rooms’ and ‘Yield’, are published by Two Rivers Press, who have featured me as a Poet of the Week here. ‘

My bio is as follows:

Claire Dyer’s novels are published by Quercus, The Dome Press, Matador and Pegasus. Her latest novel is ‘What We Thought We Knew’, and her fourth collection with Two Rivers Press, ‘The Adjustments’, was published in April 2024. She teaches creative writing and runs Fresh Eyes, an editorial and critiquing service. She is Poetry Consultant to the Council of the SWWJ, Reviews Co-ordinator for Two Rivers Press, has an MA in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway, University of London and is represented by Broo Doherty at DHH Literary Agency.