The Great Gatsby – a review

The Great Gatsby:  nice cameo by Baz by the way, but Leonardo was a scene stealer! Even in his pink suit, he was all Jay Gatsby has ever been; that mix of vulnerability and bravado, desperation and elegance. I also loved the film’s energy, its loyalty to the time and text. It’s a heady cocktail of a film but what it allows is for the novel on which it is based to shine through; words leap off Fitzgerald’s page onto the screen to create a seamless mix of the class and money confusion of the Twenties in the context of the rush of now. However, what impressed me most is just how good the story is. Oh, to be loved like that (Daisy) and to be so betrayed by and in that love (Gatsby)!  A remarkable film and a remarkable evening; thank you especially to the mystery man who offered me his arm and helped me down the steps in the auditorium after I crumpled on trying to stand up at the film’s end – to say the movie had bowled me over would actually be true! One slight niggle is the supercharged car noises. OK, we get the idea but this is not The Dark Knight Rises!

In the meantime, however, here’s a link to a much more erudite and considered response to the novel:

My reading of the book is obviously through rose-tinted spectacles but despite this blog’s persuasiveness, I won’t be taking them off! Sorry, Joe!

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