New book dilemma!

It is an established fact that for most writers, writing a synopsis or a blurb for a book is harder than writing the book itself. It can take months to decide a title and craft that elevator pitch which will get readers and reviewers fainting with delight and clamouring with praise. However, what I’m just finding out is that it’s even harder to do this for a book that’s not yet written! I have the people in my head, I have their stories and I know that at sentence level I’m going to be fine but how to sum it up? The closest I’ve got is a John Milton quote, ‘Time, the subtle thief of youth.’ But I fear that this isn’t going to work as a title, someone else quite famous and quite good has beaten me to it with his subtle knife! If anyone has any handy hints as to where and how to get help in sorting through the welter of stuff in my head to find the nugget of gold that will define my idea, then please do let me know!

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