Q&A with Quercus

The lovely people at Quercus asked me some Questions. I gave them the best Answers I could and here’s a brief extract:

When did you begin writing?


I began writing as a young girl, producing some very bad poems and even worse short stories. I did an English and History degree in my 20s, was a bit preoccupied with work and children in my 30s and it wasn’t until my early 40s when I said to a friend, ‘I think I’d like to put a poetry collection together AND write a novel,’ and they said, ‘Go on then.’ So I did. I have therefore been writing both poetry and fiction with some degree of seriousness and application for nearly 10 years.

What inspires your stories?

All sorts of things! They usually come from fragments: bits of conversation, an old photograph, a fleeting memory, a place I’ve visited, a random thought, etc., etc. The stories normally start with a single, small idea and then grow and grow and grow!

What comes first, the plot or the characters?

I think the outline plot comes first. Then, when I’ve got that, the characters start to form in my head and they kind of move in and take the plot over. It’s like I’ve provided the framework and they fill it!



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