Why I’m grateful for ‘The Poetry of Sex’ …

… I am really chuffed to have a poem in this anthology due out from Viking on 30th January.poetryofsex

It’s an honour to be alongside the likes of D.H. Lawrence, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, John Donne and one Mr. Shakespeare, as well as contemporary poets I admire, including: A.F. Harrold, Anna-May Laugher, Adam Horovitz, Jo Bell – the list is exemplary and long!

What is more remarkable, however, is the courage it takes to write about sex so I applaud each and everyone who has done so and who still does. Sex is, after all, like the space between the tines of a fork; mysterious, necessary, hard to capture. It is one thing where the old adage that ‘less is more’ is as useful and appropriate as ‘more is more’ because for each and every one of us, sex is a significantly personal thing.

I find this when writing my novels. Sex is important for character and plot but how to make it work on the page? As the anthology’s editor, Sophie Hannah, said in a recent interview in The Observer (here), ‘any worried novelist should simply turn to poetry’ for inspiration.

So, for me, as a poet and novelist this volume will, I’m sure, will serve both as muse and as a template against which I shall be able to judge the success (or otherwise) of my own attempts at writing about sex. Therefore I’m grateful to be in it and grateful to have it on my desk. I am a #luckypoet, #luckywriter, #luckygirl.


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