Fresh Eyes

I know from experience how valuable a pair of fresh eyes can be when working on a novel.

I’m also aware of how daunting it can be sending your work out.

So, whatever stage of your writing career you’re at do get in touch as I’d love to:

  • help you make your opening chapters WOW your reader;
  • help you spot plot holes or narrative inconsistencies;
  • give advice on settings, timelines and characterisation;
  • help you make your manuscript submission ready.

Full fees & T&Cs are available on request, but in summary these are:

  • a detailed read-through of your first 3 chapters with editorial comments, a summary report & submission advice;
  • a read-through of your novel with a summary report and submission advice.

Do get in touch to discuss your particular requirements (including poetry mentoring) by emailing me, Some recent successes for clients have included agent representation, book deals and poetry publication.

Some testimonials

Alexis – Bracknell: Claire produced an extremely helpful report about what was/wasn’t working in my first draft novel, spotting many inconsistencies in my narrative! I would wholeheartedly recommend her services. Although she provided a detailed and constructive critique of my novel, she was always positive and very encouraging. Perfect combination! I felt comfortable I was sharing my work with an insightful reader and experienced author. Thanks to her guidance, I now have suggestions for improvement and a plan to revise my manuscript.

Rosie – Frome: ‘I found Claire’s mentoring to be remarkably generous – painstaking, patient, prompt, professional and warmly supportive. But more than all this is her creative genius for noticing radically new possibilities: a phrase here, line breaks there, alternative forms or angles that give a whole new perspective and lift the work to a different level. It feels like having an astute diamond cutter alongside you, one who knows exactly how to bring out the best of the stone. I will certainly be using her again, for poetry and prose. I’ve learned so much.’

Helen – Somerset: ‘I’m genuinely astonished to see what can be done with these rather rough outlines … so exciting to see the possibilities in my poems. It seems that you take stodgy suet puddings and turn them into syllabubs in elegant glasses.’

Diane – Devon: Claire gave me some very insightful comments on my opening chapters. I’d got to the point where I’d reworked them so many times that I couldn’t get the necessary distance to improve them any more myself. Claire’s detailed critique, advice and input helped me get noticed in the slush pile and take another step on the journey from writer to author.

Moira – Cheltenham: ‘I won Claire Dyer in an auction … My work was returned earlier than we had agreed, (Hurrah) with comments and corrections throughout. She had obviously read my work very carefully. Claire raised some valuable issues that were helpful and appropriate and my work has benefited from her input. I have been through this section so many times that I felt I wasn’t really ‘seeing’ it any longer. Claire helped me focus again. If you were thinking of using an editorial service I would recommend Claire without hesitation.’
Moira’s full testimonial can be downloaded via this link. For more details about Moira, please see her website: The Place to Write.

Claire R – Bangor, Co. Down: ‘I was delighted with the thoroughness of Claire’s critiques and with the helpful explanations of her comments.’

George – London: ‘As a seasoned writer of non-fictional material, I found Claire Dyer’s review of my first attempt at fiction extremely valuable and full of insight.’