The Adjustments

The Adjustments, by Claire Dyer

‘In The Adjustments, Claire Dyer’s fourth collection with Two Rivers Press, the poet explores the vagaries of time and experience. As a narrative in reverse, her book scrutinises the fine tunings of life – from what’s expected to what happens – and the associated search for equilibrium in a world that’s constantly changing.

Covering the main themes of loss, gain, identity and relationships, the poems travel backwards from the challenges of later life to the hopes and fears of youth, and act as testament and interrogation,laying bare the quest for and acceptance of the adjustments we make and that ultimately define us.’


‘Claire Dyer’s new collection is that rare thing: a genuinely adult articulation of human frailty and those day-to-day complications of love and family life, with which we make our accord through the adjustments of its title. This is a crucial, though all too rarely achieved form of the lyric, impressive in its receptivity to a poetry quickened by detail and emotional intelligence. Relationships, alternative outcomes, happiness and what was lost along the way are each chronicled by a sensibility poetically alive to the quiet phenomenologies, detail and nuanced emotions of a hard-won maturity. We should enjoy and be grateful for the like’ ~ Martin Malone

‘In this intensely moving collection, Dyer explores the vicissitudes of love as mother, daughter, sister and wife. Her poems combine tenderness with fearlessness and a hard-earned wisdom. Her language is precise, her imagination is daring and her insights as light-footed as they are profound’ ~ Jane Clarke

‘Claire Dyer’s The Adjustments is steeped in the human heart and examines with clarity what it means to be truly alive, and a witness to loss and bereavement. Even when contemplating the challenge of letting a loved one go, these poems remain defiantly grateful and appreciative of a life lived gently, passionately and with great tenderness. This collection is ultimately a song of praise’ ~ Sharon Black

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