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The families at numbers two, four and six Penwood Heights are connected by work, friendship, the loss of a child and a secret truth which has sat in the bedrock of their lives for years. In the centre of this tight-knit group is Faith, who believes her job is to act as a paperweight, keeping them all safe. And she does this until someone from her past reappears and threatens to sabotage everything. And, as the pieces fall, these families, these friends, realise that what they thought they knew about one another was nothing more than make-believe. They also discover that trust is illusory and for Faith, at least, that keeping other people’s secrets can be more dangerous than keeping her own.

'A beautifully observed novel about friendship and loss. I delighted in Dyer’s prose, which evokes the nuance and depth of the human experience with a light, poetic touch. It has a thread of sadness running through the characters’ stories. It broke my heart.' Clare Boyd, author of 'The Wedding Night'

'A tragic accident leaves ripples in its wake. Ripples, secrets and cracks explored in exquisite and excruciating detail by the incredibly talented Claire Dyer at her absolute best. A genuine must read.' Eva Glyn, author of 'The Dubrovnik Book Club'

'Beautifully written and sensitively explored this story unpicks the myriad threads of interconnected friendship and family life, revealing tangled secrets which would be better if they had been left hidden. However, the  inevitability of secrets being exposed and dissolved reveals much and these revelations are what gives the book its absolute strength and makes the story compelling reading. I raced through the story in a couple of sittings as I really couldn’t put the book down and wanted to know how this tangled web of secrets would evolve and eventually play out in the wider scheme of events.' Jo Barton, @jaffareadstoo Full review here.

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